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Trail Mixes:
Flavorful Favorite
combines traditional favorites with a new combination. Cape Cod area grown Willows Brand Cranberries that have been sweetened and dried to perfection, Turkish apricots, Thompson select raisins, dates, almonds, bananas and coconut create a delightful and satisfying taste that will provide a healthier, energizing snack.

Price: 8 oz....$4.00



Social Mix is a savory flavor of Sweet Dried Cranberries and a mixture of hot spicy Cajun crunch corn, sesame sticks, BI peanuts, pepitas, Cajun devil peanuts, chili bits and spices.

Price: 8 oz....$4.00



Smart Choice is a healthy blend of sweet cranberries, soybeans, Thompson and golden raisins, sunflower seeds and pepitas.
Selected to be distributed at the 2012 Presidential Inauguration, to represent Massachusetts!

Price: 8 oz....$4.00



Fruity Delight completes the collection and provides for all of your needs. More people each day find themselves allergic to nuts and nut products. Willows Cranberries has put it all together for you. Willows brand sweet dried cranberries, dried tart cherries along with tropical bits of pineapples and bananas provide a healthy snack for the person that cannot eat nuts.

Price: 8 oz....$4.00



Four Pack: One of each and decorated with raffia.

Price: $18.95